What Does It Mean If The Air Bag Warning Light Is On?


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This usually means that the air bag computer within your vehicle has detected that there is a problem with the current air bag system. This means that in the case of a crash, there is a higher chance of the air bag system not working at all. Resultantly, the chance of you experiencing severe injuries in a particularly bad crash is heightened massively.

The bags simply will not promise to operate properly if the light is on - that’s why the light is there. If you’re still unsure, however, then the best thing you can do is read the manual that came with your car. Many people keep this in the dashboard for easy access, but if not you need to make sure that you can find it. If you can’t find it, then purchase another - just make sure you find a manual! The book will no doubt talk about air bags at some point, and should provide you with some information about what it means then the air bag light has been turned on.

You could always go and see your mechanic, too, and see what they say. They will probably know your car quite well if they have been working with it for a number of years, and given their experience should be able to tell you what is happening with the car. There’s a chance they can fix it, too. In many cars, though, specialists are required to replace the airbag system which might mean you have to send it back to the manufacturer to be fixed. In the meantime your insurance should provide you with a courtesy car.

Your car will not pass an inspection or MOT if the light is on, so you need to ensure that the matter is resolved before it goes in for an MOT. Not just for that, but for your own safety too.
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It means that the air bag computer has detected a problem with the air bag system and now there is a chance that the air bags will not operate as they are supposed to.

In some states your car will not pass inspection with the air bag light on.
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I went to get a aftermarket stereo installed, and the dash kit didnt include the pass airbag indicator, and sure enough the light stayed on. When it came time to go in for state inspection, they denied checking it because the light on. Im looking into getting a new dash kit to correct problem, but yes, you must have your light taken care off or you wont be able to pass inspection. -jac
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I also drive one and had the same problem. There may be a problem with these cars. How old is your and how many km



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