My Car Will Not Accelerate. What Is Wrong, And How Do I Fix It?


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There could potentially be hundreds of different reasons that are causing your car not to accelerate. The best couse of action would be to take the vehicle into a garage or licensed dealer to get a diagnostic of the car.

Car won't accelerate properly?
  • Just because the vehicle is not accelerating, do not be fooled into thinking that there is necessarily a problem with the engine. A whole host of components - mechanical, or electrical - could have malfunctioned and caused this problem.
  • The fuel filter may be blocked, or the catalytic converter may be clogged up, especially if it's an old car. Both these issues can cause a car to fail to accelerate.
  • There could be a problem with the transmission, or with the accelerator itself. The cable for the accelerator may have snapped, or the valve may have become jammed.
  • If the vehicle in question is a relatively-new car, then the engine's onboard computer may have malfunctioned, which could also cause this issue.
The best bet would be to take the car to a specialist to get this problem solved. It may take a few days for the mechanic to find out what's causing your faulty accelerator.
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This could be a lot of different things. You could have gas that contains water.

If you want to try that, go to Wal-Mart or any parts store, and get a can of sea foam. It is for fuel, but it cleans the injectors also. It costs like 7 bucks or something like that.

After you put it in the gas tank, let your car run for a little while.
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