How Do I Fix A Knocking Noise Coming From My Car? From Front Left Wheel?


3 Answers

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R Maye answered
I don't know what kind of vehicle you has as you never said but it sounds like you may have a bad strut or shock as some people call them. If it was a bad cv joint, the noise would be noticed when turnng the wheel left or right while the car is in motion. It could be anything from a loose tail pipe or anything, but I would check the struts. Sometimes you can push down on the vehicle while parked and hear the noise if it is a strut. Check and see if it is loose or a loose olt holding the strut.
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Paul Straughn answered
It could also be sway bar link or bushings. If you push down on the front of your car and bounce it and it keeps moving when you release it will most likely be the strut or shock.

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