I Have A Lincoln Town Car And My Door Is Shifting. What Can I Do To Fix It?


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Mark Henderson answered
Unfortunately you may have to replace the hinges and bushings on the door to stop it shifting.

This can be quite a tricky operation to get right, so if you're not a confident mechanic then I would advise you to take the vehicle to your nearest dealership.

Replacing the door pins and bushings on Lincoln town car
  • If you do replace the hinge pins and bushings, then you will have to tighten each pin to line the door up correctly. This is a rather tedious process so make sure you have plenty of patience if you undertake this task!
  • If you've had a shunt or minor collision then the front door frame has most probably been warped, as that is one of the weakest areas of the vehicle. If this is the case, then unfortunately it will mean a trip to the garage and a hefty bill to repair the structural damage!
If you're still unsure about the cause of the problems with the door on your car, then ask a mechanic to give you a diagnostic of the area, even if you intend to carry out the resulting work yourself.
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John answered
Sounds like you need to replace the hinge pins and bushings.

If you buy the tool from Harbor Freight, and have a buddy and a car jack, you can do it in about a hour and a half with some basic instruction from a Haynes manual or the factory manual for your car.

Or try expert village - search the site. They have videos on all kinds of repairs for the back yard mechanic. You can get most hinge pins and bushings at the local autoparts store.

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