If A Car Doesn't Go Forward When In Drive Or Backward When In Reverse What Is Wrong With The Car?


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If your car will not travel forwards or backwards, there is obviously a problem with it. This problem could be a number of things and you should take it to a mechanic to have a look as you will not be able to diagnose the issue online without someone looking and hearing what the issue with it is.
Does the engine of the car start? If it does, this reduces the chance that your problem may be engine related.
The next thing to look for is also in the engine. What happens when you put your foot on the gas? Does the car rev? If it does, then the power to and from the engine is working well and you can almost certainly rule this out as being an engine issue.
If it is an engine issue, this could be anything from a leak or a shortage in the cables that link your pedal to the engine or an issue with the connections between the two.
Another problem that you could have with the car is your gear box. If it is not reacting when you put the car in drive or reverse, this may well be a gear issue. Gear boxes are expensive to fix and you should see if your mechanic thinks that this could be the issue. Although you are putting the gear lever into position on the outside, the cogs that put it in the right position on the inside may not be connecting to each other correctly and this could be the reason why the car is not working.
Getting into a gearbox is a tricky job and more problems could be discovered when a mechanic gets inside. Go and see a mechanic who will be able to diagnose the issue and get your car up and running again.
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OK,I'm guessing you already checked the fluid level and it is,it sounds like several things or just one of them.first,it could be your pump in the tranny went bad.if so you won't move,next modulator valve could be bad.Also a bad torque converter will cause it not go.

One more thing...if the bands go out or the clutches in the tranny burn up it won't run.Yes,there are clutches in an automatic.So,the best bet is to take it to a tranny shop and let them see what it can run into a lot of money trouble shooting if you don't know what to look for...good luck.
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One time the rod going to the transmission was lose and not moving enough to engage the thing!

I always rule out simple and stupid things FIRST!
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If a car doesn't go backwards in reverse what is wrong with the car?
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If my car doesnt drive in drive  or  reverse  do  I need a transmission filter
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Not knowing the make or model lets assume its an automatic OK.I also assume you checked the fluid level.If its real low it the car wont move.also the vacume module valve could be bad the best thing to do is take your car to a transmission shop OK!
AMAR DESAI answered
I think there is a problem in the transmission mechanism
and also might be a problem in the gear as it might get stuck somewhere and it also might be a problem in the universal coupling as it is the most important aspect for the speed transmission.
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I have a 2000 winstar ford van win I put the van in start some time it will move but will not drive far the same in revise. Some time I go start the van it will move but will not drive far I have to push it back in to the paring space.

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