How Do I Fix My Car That Is Running Hot?


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The problem of a car running hot refers to the problem with the radiator of the car. First you should check the water or the coolant you use in the radiator of the car that it is up to the reasonable level or not. If the water or coolant in the radiator of the car is too low then it can be a reason for the car to get hot. So if it is low, fill the radiator with water or coolant. If the water or coolant in the radiator is full then you should get the car to the mechanic to check its air exhaust and other such things that may heat up the car for any problem. Also check your radiator for any leakage. Also check the cooling fan of your car to be in working condition.

One more thing I would like to add as a precaution that if your car heats up during the drive then do not switch off the car as it may cease the engine of your car. Let the engine running while pour the water on the radiator to cool it down and then switch off the engine when it is below the dangerous heat level.
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If every thing check out in the coolant system, can the temperature sensory cause the temp. Gauage to register hot when in fact the engine running at normal temp.
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My mustang 2001 cobra keeps running hot I have changed water pump and thermostat nothing is keeping it cool any ideas

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