Vw Caddy Tdi 1.9 Van Won't Start Is It The Fuel Pump? I Recharged Battery (after Trying To Start Vw Caddy To Many Times!) But Air Got Into The Injectors. I Got Air Out Of Injectors. Battery Ok, But Now Engine Will Not Start When I Turn Over Ignition?


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How old is your battery? It is not enough to charge it if it is old. I've read about modern accumulators or supercapacitors https://supercaptech.com/battery-vs-supercapacitor/ and they say that the latter can be much more reliable sources of energy.

If it's not a battery, then check the starter, maybe the whole problem is hidden in it.

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This may sound crazy but did you check the gas cap. My sister spent almost 800 dollars trying to fix a fuel problem only to find out that the fuel cap was broken(did not seal properly).apparently the fuel system is pressurized and needs the cap to make the tank a sealed unit for the pump to work properly.I know it sounds crazy but after they replaced a 25 dollar gas cap the car ran perfect.
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I was just going to say that you are getting air in there from somewhere, follow the lines also and see if there isn't a hole in the line somewhere, or a leaky gasket.
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Tamarind: I was thinking cabriolet(convertible).i have never heard of a caddy. I am thinking a van/wagon could be another one also. They have some wierd local names for cars. I thought i would give it a shot.
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Nomad, Cabriolet, yes, that is the other one Steve and I were sitting here trying to think of.
I see Tigg has left a some very good input also. She is full of surprizes. Good job Tigg. :0)

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