My Dodge Ram Truck Will Start But Will Not Stay Running. The Battery Ran Down, We Jumped Started. It Ran For 20 Minutes. Then I Restart And It Continues To Die. It Will Not Stay Running. Can You Help?


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Sean Baker answered
If you ran the battery out with the truck off, you may have triggered the security system....   Is the security light flashing?
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Jessie Cliff answered

Get rid of it and get a Corvette!

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Emily Dodge answered
Go to a auto parts store and get a new battery or help you with another thing if its not the battery
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larry cook answered
Need to make sure battery is being charged if not truck can't stay running if battery is to low
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My 1996 ram 1500 got water dam I changed oil n tran fluid n now it is as it is getting no gas what can I check...can it be the com ?
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Sounds like you have a bad voltage regulator. You can order it and put it in the alternator or replace the whole alternator.

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