How Do I Repair An Rear Brake Line For A 1992 Ford Explorer?


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Your options are to repair only that section of brake line, or to replace the entire brake line. I usually replace the entire line. It's cheap, and not that hard. You will need a brake line long enough and of the right size. Bring the broken one into an auto parts store and they can help. Now you need brake fluid, a brake line bender, a brake line double-flare tool, a set of flare nut wrenches, and either an assistant or a one man bleeder kit.

Bend the new line to match the shape of the old line, cut off any excess and make a new flare on the end with the double-flare tool. Remove the old line with the flare nut wrenches, install the new line, and open the bleeder fitting on the caliper or wheel cylinder, right next to where the new brake line connects. Use the one man bleeder kit or have someone step on the brake, then you close the bleeder, then they let up on the brake and push it down again, open and close the bleeder again, and repeat until brake fluid comes out. Make sure you keep plenty of brake fluid in the master cylinder, if you let it run out you may have to bleed all four wheels all over again. Good luck!

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