After You Start Your Vehicle Ensure That The... Are Off?


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'After you start your vehicle, ensure that the warning lights are off.' This is the answer to Question 25 of the 'I drive safely' exam. I drive Safely are a company which have been going for over 10 years in America, providing what is seen as the best online traffic schools and courses. It is easy to register and by signing up online you can receive a free online practice test package to help your understanding of driving.

It is convenient to use as it can be accessed at home, or anywhere with an internet connection. The course is 4 hours long however, you can pay for 8 hours or 12 hours, providing on the course you take. The final exam is in two parts, 25 questions on the physical parts of the course (Part 2), and 25 questions on the related course information (Part 1) To pass this, you must get at least 80% on part 1 and 90% on part 2. However, the exam cannot be taken at home; it must be taken in a public notary to ensure there is no risk of forgery. For a first time drivers course in Florida it will cost you merely $24.95 which will help the person to work their way from their learner license to their intermediate driver's license. There will also be a court fee, determined by the court you use and the state fee which is usually around $20.

There is also a teen section to the sign as well as for adults, so it is good for both drivers and learner drivers. They also provide a 24/7 support service to assist members and a Live Online Chat feature, as well as an email address.

However, several courts do not accept this form of driving course. These are:

• Alaska
• Montana
• Wyoming

However, most states do in fact approve of this driving and traffic school.

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