Car Sputters When I Step On Gas To Change Gears Or Just To Speed Up. What Is The Problem?


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crystal malcom answered
Could be bad gas ,get you a gas treatment and try that and let me know if that helps
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Rena Chisholm answered
Do you have an engine light on? If so, have the cars computer scanned. If not, if the car has over 60,000 miles on it you may consider fuel injection cleaning and fuel filter.
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Eben Eben G answered

It's almost always dirty or bad injectors (but most of the time bad injectors). You should also check the ignition coil (if there is one), wires and spark plugs to see if any of those need to be replaced.

*My Jetta had the same problem, once I replaced the above parts and ran a fuel injector cleaner by Lucas, things improved ten fold.

Hope that helps,


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I reccomend you using a fuel injector cleaner (STP) is best...and see if your filter needs to be changed especially if its still the factory filter they tend to have too much adhesive and it prvents gas will only spend around 20.00 bucks....depending on the veichle..

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