How Do You Set The Timing On A Perkins 6.354 Diesel Engine?


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Setting the fuel injection pump timing on a typical Perkins 6.354 Diesel engine requires a good degree of technical knowledge and specific tools relating both to this specific engine and its operation. It is strongly advised, therefore, if you do not have sufficient knowledge in this area that you seek expert advice from someone who does before attempting any repairs on your engine.

Before you start, you must ensure that the engine check angle is used with the special tool MS.67B. In addition, the engine needs to be set with the number one piston at top dead center (TDC) on the compression stroke.

This is because the pump is always checked with it being set at the start of injection for the number one cylinder.

The next stage is to locate the setting code letters. These are usually stamped on the data plate of the fuel injection pump. Occasionally, some fuel pumps, especially those that have been modified, will have the codes stamped on a modification plate that is fastened to the flange of the pump.

If a modification plate is fitted, use the code letters stamped on this plate rather than those stamped on the data plate.

The letters of the pump code correspond to two important factors:
  • The engine check angle (in degrees)
  • The pump mark angle (also in degrees).
A list of the most common codes, complete with respective angles, is shown below in the following format:

  • Fuel Pump Code Letters (Engine Check Angle), (Pump Mark Angle)
  • AY (160), (146)
  • BY (160), (146)
  • EX (160), (146)
  • FX (160), (146)
  • GY (162), (154)
  • HY (162), (154)
  • MR (158), (144)
  • *MR (158), (147) - only if your engine number is U780699P
  • MX (160), (146)
  • MX/4/2640  (161), (146)
  • MX/5/2420 (159), (146) - only from engine 728207L
  • MX/5/2530  (161), (146)
  • PX  (159), (146)
  • *PX  (160), (146) - list TW31012 only
  • SX (6.3724)  (159), (146)
  • TY  (153), (141.5)
  • WR (160),  (146)
  • WX  (157),  (144)

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