How Do I Reset 2001 Ford Mustang Anti Theft System?


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Resetting the Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) on the 2001 Ford Mustang is not an easy procedure, if it were then car thieves would have an easy time bypassing the immobilizer and Ford's SecuriLock system would be virtually useless in preventing the theft of the vehicle.

The PATS II system was installed in Ford Mustang models between 1998 and 2007; the principal was the same; the vehicle's on-board computer would communicate with a radio frequency transponder built into the ignition key upon starting the automobile. The main difference between PATS II and its predecessor is that when programming duplicate keys, two working keys would be necessary, as opposed to just the single key needed in the case of the original PATS system.

A common reason for activation of the anti-theft device is that the chip inside the key itself malfunctions. Unfortunately the only thing that can be done in this event is to contact your local Ford dealership, which through the use of specialist equipment will be able to reset the SecuriLock system, although more than likely at a cost.

Once the system has been reset, presuming the problem had been a malfunctioning key, then in order to avoid further visits to the Ford dealer it would be advisable to invest in some duplicates. If ever there comes a time when the key again gets damage and you're left with less than two fully functioning keys, follow these instructions to program the new key(s):

  1. Insert a working key into the ignition
  2. Turn the ignition to the ON position for at least one second, then return to the off position
  3. Remove the key and within 10 seconds insert the duplicate
  4. Turn the key in the ignition to ON for at least one second before switching back off
  5. A security light will activate indicating the new key has been successfully programmed

This process should be followed for each additional key

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