How Do You Set The Timing On A Mazda 626 After Installing A New Timing Belt?


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eugene hunt Profile
eugene hunt answered
Probably your best bet is to get a repair manual, Haynes and Chiltons are both good. It will have a picture of the timing marks in the proper location. A little tip, the #1 cylinder will be at Top Dead Center when the timing is right on the crank pulley, you can find TDC with a wire or straw while turning the engine over with a wrench on the crank pulley. Then you only have to worry about the camshaft pulley being in the right place, and the drawings are good about showing that.
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mike morris answered
call the local mazda dealer and tell them that you just bought the timing belt from them and ask where the timing marks are. You could try to point the rotor(depending on the year) to the #1 cylinder and go from there, but I would call the dealer and ask the parts department, not the repair department for the info. Good luck

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