How To Change Timing Belt On A Mitsubishi L200 Diesel?


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Follow these steps and you should be fine although this is not an easy procedure.
  • Disconnect negative battery cable.
  • Using a wrench on crankshaft bolt rotate engine until timing mark on the crankshaft pulley is aligned with 0° mark on timing scale.
  • Align distributor rotor with index mark on distributor housing indicating the rotor is in position to fire cylinder number one.
  • Remove bolts holding timing cover in place, lift cover off engine.
  • Check alignment of crank and camshaft timing marks.
  • Loosen timing belt tensioner.
  • Loosen mounting bolts holding the belt tensioner, but do not remove it.
  • Pry tensioner away from belt and retighten mounting bolts to hold tensioner in loose position.
  • Spin tensioner pulley and listen for rattle or humming noise that would indicate loose or worn bearings.
  • With tension on timing belt relieved, belt should easily slide off sprockets. Timing belts that have been used for a long time may stick in pulley grooves and require gentle prying with a screwdriver to release.
  • Slide new timing belt into position on sprockets.
  • Loosen bolts holding timing belt tensioner and allow contact with belt.
  • Proper timing belt tension is essential. Adjust timing belt to correct tension as outlined in your service manual.
  • After belt tension is properly adjusted, verify timing marks on the cam, crank, and accessory sprockets are still in alignment.
  • With a wrench on the crankshaft pulley, turn engine over by hand at least two complete revolutions in its normal direction of travel returning to the 0° mark. This will help seat new belt into place on sprockets.
  • Verify position of all timing marks.
  • Reinstall timing covers and tighten attaching bolts or screws securely.
  • Reinstall components and drive belts that were removed to gain access to timing cover.
  • Reconnect negative battery cable.
  • Start engine and verify proper operation.

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