My Car Keeps Cutting Out What Cud Be The Problem?


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Well it could be a lot of things , simple as fuel filter clogged , gas with water in it,  bad injectors , MAF sensor, AGR sensor, bad wires, timing, spark plugs, oxygen sensor crankshaft sensor , so as you can see it can be a lot of things .  I think it would be wise to  go and get a diagnostic check from a mechanic that can tell you specifically what the problem is. Some auto retailers have a key that they can stick in below the dash and tell you the code for the problem . They can also look the problem up for you and in some cases some already know what your problem is right off . If you have an older model vehicle that may mean pulling it into mechanic shop.
Me and my husband work on his race car and stocked motorcyle.  Hope this helps
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It depends on how long it is running before it cuts out because it could be a number of things. Like the MAF. Sensor.. Crankshaft position sensor. Or it could be the o2 sensor

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