How Do I Diagnose A Problem With My Car?


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Having a niggling problem with your car can be very frustrating. There are ways to hopefully remedy the problem yourself. The most obvious answer being to take it to the garage. But we all know these days that garage costs are very expensive, especially when they end up finding more problems with your car!

In most cases though this is the best option as you don't want to start messing with your car's safety.Alternatively you could remedy the problem yourself. Every car has it's own expert manual and there are plenty of great books out there to help. If you're confident with all things mechanical then depending on the size of the issue you should be able to fix it no problem.

But if you're starting to spend more than the car's worth on repairs then maybe it's time you bought a new one. There are great deals available these days and plenty of finance options.
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I have a mk6 escort rs2000 4x4 I had it code read at fords no codes found. Car miss fires and runs rough underload and seems to be over fueling . Parts that have been changed are plugs leads coil packs lambda censors, engine management coolant temp censor throttle position censor help.
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I have a 1997 honda accord and my problem is tat the car will start good, but after 2min into driving the car will just stop. I have to weight about 3 to 5 min after I start the car again.
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I have a bmw 320 e36 and its idleing very rough and lacking power, I have changed the induction kit and air flow meter but its still the same.
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Intermittent starting issues with a 95 toyota camry., 4 cyl. The key come on - lights horn, radio clock all work. Turning the key to the start position all I get is click. Multiple attempts sometimes results in the starter engaging. Is it the battery, the selonid or the starter?
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Be a doctor ,,,it means diaganose your car before starting it..& when it bugs you up just leave it and take a taxi come back home or your work..because we all arent mechanics..and even mechanics sometimes stuck with some or the other car problems so they also got to leave it there and come back with a proffesionls and the car will go back to the hospital ( garag).
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My car makes a clunk clunk sound its on the drivers side
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My car starts fine. While driving it stopped on me and the check engine lignt came on and the rpm was spinning. When I put it in park it started right up
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I have a rover 416 tourer T reg which runs ok until it rains then its starts but then stalls. It can sometimes start and goes a few yards then cuts out sometimes takes 2 or 3 times to start then its ok until the next time it rains overnight this only happens morning when left overnight rotor arm and cap been replaced could it be ecu sensesing something please help
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Send to the car mechanic just to be safe. Don't undergo any repairs on your own if you are not experienced.

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