My Car Clicks When Trying To Start It, Please Tell Me What The Problem Could Be?


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If the car won't start and just makes a clicking noise, you have a bad battery. The clicking noise comes from the starter solenoid because there is not enough power to activate it fully.
After checking the battery and battery cables, then check the starter.
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Rena Chisholm
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You may just have a loose battery cable or the cables may need to be cleaned. If you notice a white substance on the cables they are probably corroded. Take them loose and put a solution of baking soda and water on them.Use a small brush to scrub the posts and the cables. Some people pour coca-cola on them to eat up the acidic corrosion.Then replace the cables and be sure to tighten them. Remember, the red one goes to the positive "+ " side and the black one to the negative "- " post. You will find the + and - signs below the battery posts. Just pay attention to which cable you took off which post or clean them one at a time. It's easier that way.
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You might try removing cables from battery an cleaning an put back on make sure there tight if that don't help have the battery checked
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My car was leaking anti freeze. I was tkaing to get fixed today and now it just clicks and will not start! What MIGHT be wrong.
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I have juice but the lights come and everything but it won't start

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