Why Is My Car Cutting Off When I Come To A Stop Or When I Idle?


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you need to ditch your neon and get a focus!! But really it probably need a tune up and you distributor adjusted
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My ford f150 does the same exact thing, thought it was my sound system draining the battery, but then it starts right back up so kill that theory. But it might be a vacuum leak because my a/c blows through the defrost vents when my foot is on the pedal, then through the ac vents when I let off.
Does the oil light remain on once you re-start the car?...♥Nassy
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Probably a vacuum leak but nascar is partly right the car is trying to tell you to have it looked at before you really damage it by driving it without having it checked over...I bought a chevy s-10 (600 dollars)off a young girl/women after she had blown the engine by ignoring the oil light/turned out there was no oil to speak of in the truck...poor poor little s-10....lol...I gave it a new bigger heart v-6 4.3 litre and cleaned it up by lightly scuffing off the old oxidation with some no 7 rubbing compound and then waxing the stuffing out of it instead of being a dull pink it turned out to be a brilliant fire engine red....they(the girl and her boyfriend) never ever washed or waxed it since they bought it...sad little truck...now it can smoke the tires instead of the motor...I even tinted out the windows and undercoated the bed and frame again making it looked like it just rolled off the showroom floor...talk about a little heavy hauler.....guess what I am getting at is you should have it checked out before you have to sell it for a few hunded bucks to someone else...like me..lorofl
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Sorry iwas bored and felt like telling a little story
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I have had it checked out and they told me since it didn't do it while they were driving and the computer doesn't show any codes they can't do anything for me. It does it so randomly that it's hard to get it fixed because they can't experience it happening.

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