How Can I Get A Key Made From My Vin Number?


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In order to get a key made from your VIN number all you need to do is to go to your car dealership and quote the VIN number from your car. They will be able to make you up a replacement key for a fee.

This is proving problematic for drivers as there has been an increase in thieves able to purchase car keys and steal cars in this manner.

How they are able to do this is by peering into the car and taking note of the VIN number through the windshield of the vehicle. They then take the number with them to a car dealership for that brand of car, and purchase a duplicate key for the car. The dealership makes the key up and hand over the key to the thief, who then goes back to the car and steals it.

The thief doesn't have to break into the car, cause any damage and will not draw attention to the fact that they are stealing the vehicle.

Drivers should be aware of this latest scam! Avoid this happening to you by simply being one step ahead of the thief and placing opaque tape over your VIN number. You are not allowed to remove the number, but this will stop the thieves being able to make you and your vehicle their next victim.
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Only the dealers will be able to do this for you. New cars are equipped with a chip in the key that is read when it is inserted into the ignition. Without a properly coded key, you will be able to open the doors, but not start your car. Coded keys along with certain control modules are considered theft relevant items and dealers are usually required to ask for proof of ownership before they will sell you the key or the control modules.

All the key related data is kept by the car manufacturer and tied to the VIN of the car.
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Call a local locksmith, my company does this daily w/ chip keys (don't waste your money)
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Good evening, Guys. It is a nice idea to make a key with your VIN number because it really can help you to protect your car. For this aim, you should ask your dealership for this service. But in my opinion, the best solution to this problem is installing the modern lock system. You can ask for help auto locksmiths that are real professionals in this question and I believe that they will help you! Good luck!

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