How do you change spark plugs on 2007 pontiac G6?


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Before attempting to change the spark plugs on a Pontiac G6, it is essential to ensure that the engine has cooled down completely; as doing this when the engine is still hot may not only result in injury, but could also damage the thread in the aluminum head. The following tools are needed to change the spark plugs:
  • A 5/8 in spark plug socket complete and a long extension
  • A 10 mm socket with a short extension
  • A low range torque wrench
  • A socket wrench
  • Needle nose pliers
  • A tool to check the spark gap on the new plugs
  • A set of new spark plugs
Before doing anything else, it is necessary to ensure the gap on the new plugs is correct by checking with the tool. The owner's manual should give details as to how wide the gap should be; probably around 0.043 in. After the engine cover has been removed, the 10 mm bolt holding the coil pack has to be removed, using the socket wrench. The coil pack is then gently pulled straight up and set aside. Using the spark plug socket with the long extension and a socket wrench, the old spark plug then has to be unscrewed and removed.

The new spark plug is then placed into the spark plug socket, and the extension should be turned by hand to get the threads started. When the spark plug is almost completely in, it needs to be tightened to 15 ft lbs with the torque wrench. Should the socket disconnect from its extension and get stuck on the spark plug, it can be pulled off with the needle nose pliers. The coil pack and its 10 mm bolt are then put back into place. The process is then repeated for the other three plugs.
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