How to hotwire a chevy 1999 malibu?


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Providing that there is permission from the owner, hotwiring any car, including a Chevrolet 1999 Malibu, is a completely legal process that can be done in a number of different methods. While it may be difficult to find the exact specifications for hotwiring a particular car there is a method that is reasonably common ground across all vehicles. There may be some steps that vary slightly for a Chevrolet but these will make themselves known during the process.

• First, locate the ignition tumbler and remove the panels and covers around it.
Have a look at the wiring set up, you should be able to see five to eight wires that are clipped to the rear of the tumbler. Remove the panel and try to manually switch on the ignition using a screwdriver. If this is possible then you do not need to proceed with any more steps.

• If the screwdriver method did not work then you will need to strip some of the wires at the back of the tumbler to hot wire the car.
Find the 'on' positive and negative wires within the steering column. Pull these wires from the ignition tumbler, strip them and twist them together. This should activate the starter and kick your car into life. Once the car is up and running you must make sure the wires are untwisted before setting off on your journey. Make sure that you get the ignition tumbler fixed as soon as possible to avoid hot wiring on a regular basis.

If this method has not worked for your Chevrolet then there are plenty of online resources where you can find alternatives. Several methods can be found at If you are having any doubts then you should seek the advice from a garage.

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