I Have Lost My Only Truck Key, Can I Get One Made At My Dealership? What Would Be The Cost?


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Your truck key can easily be duplicated at your dealership for anywhere from $25 to 50, however if your truck is a newer model it may cost slightly more. If you are on a budget, having a new key made at a locksmith is a much cheaper alternative. They can do it for a cheaper price, and many of them can also do it in a shorter span of time.

We all know how stressful lost truck keys can be, but you shouldn’t worry because there are a number of options you can resort to. Going to your dealership is a fast and efficient way to replicate the lost truck key, but there are some things you need to prepare before you talk to them. First, you need to write down your VIN or Vehicle Identification Number, which is located at the base of your windshield as well as on your vehicle registration form. Bring this as well as your license, registration, and title to the dealership. Newer models may have smart chips or transponders installed into them, and only your dealership will be able to replicate these keys, but it can take a few days.

Going to a locksmith is another efficient alternative, and they can do the job in a shorter span of time and for a smaller price as compared to a dealership. You will need to show them your license and registration upon their arrival, which they need to record before they do the work for you. They will need to work around your truck to replace the key, doing specialized tasks such as erasing the key code from the engine, and coding a new one into the ignition.

If you are working with a locksmith, make sure that they are insured, and for added peace of mind ask if you could see their license. It helps to be extra cautious when working with third parties, but ensuring you have the right one will be able to provide you with high-quality key workmanship and service.
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I Have Lost My Only Truck Key, Can I Get One Made At My Dealership? What Would Be The Cost?
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They might be able to make a key for you but I doubt it you might have to replace the ignition switch
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I have had that problem,depending on what state your in they can...they did for me
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If you can get hold of an electronic key finder it will beep then it's located.Other than that, you should backtrack and think of all the places you've been.
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Quiet your mind so you can relax and think...enable you to backtrack.  It works for me.  If I still am perplexed, I often pray and ask God where my keys are ( or whatever the lost item is).
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look in the lock. : ) hahahahahahaha .find your glasses first.

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