I Need A Diagram Of A 2004 Toyota Camry Serpentine Belt. How To Replace One?


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Changing the serpentine belt on any vehicle can be challenging to accomplish, so unless you are handy working with cars or have a friend who can help you out then it might be better if you take your car to a professional who will replace it for you. Below are some instructions on how to replace the serpentine belt.

  • Step one: The first thing to do is to measure the tension of the serpentine belt in order for you to make sure that it actually needs to be adjusted. The manufacturer of your car can usually recommend a type of belt tension gauge to help you do this.
  • Step two: Using a wrench, you then want to slowly loosen the pivot bolt that should be located on the front of the engine block in the left corner. The size of this bolt will vary depending on the model of the car.
  • Step three: Look below the belt tensioner pulley and you will see the adjustment locking bolt. Loosen this bolt very slightly. This will change the tension of the belt. Once you have done this you will be able to remove the serpentine belt.
  • Step four: In order to install the new belt in this step, you will need to follow a belt routing diagram. These can usually be found in the owner's manual of your car. If you cannot find one then get in touch with the manufacturer of your car before you start.
  • Step five: Make sure that the new belt is attached to all the pulleys.
  • Step six: Finally you will need to re tighten to adjustment bolt in order to replace the belt's tension that you loosened. Measure the tension with the belt gauge and then adjust the tension if needed. Make sure that the adjustment bolt and pivot bolt are securely tightened.

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