How To Check The Transmission Fluid On A 2000 Toyota Camry?


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Hopefully you've found the way to check the fluid since you posted this. If not,
the tranny fluid needs to be hot, ie a 20 to 30 minute drive should do it. When you pull in to park
briefly engage all the gears- pull up in first, shift to 2nd, then third. Back up a short bit
pull forward and put it in park. With the engine running. Pull the dipstick for the tranny
fluid (not the oil one) wipe it with a cloth and reinsert. Make sure it's seated then remove.
Look at the stick- the fluid level should be between the 2 marks on the stick that say HOT.
If under add a small amount ( 2 -4 oz) at a time and recheck. Tranny fluid swells up
when it gets hot. IF it's over the mark- you should try to drain some out ( when it's
cold of course) Over filling is as bad as under filling...

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