Around How Much Does It Cost To Replace Front Bearings? On A Toyota Camry 1989?


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The average cost of front bearing is $50-$60. But you need to get them replaced with the help of some mechanic so that you can easily replace your front wheel bearing easily. Usually mechanic charge $30 to $40 so your total cost for replacement of front wheel bearing is $100.
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this seems pretty inexpensive -- according to California car repair prices anyway -- is this a common price in your area? if so, what city/ST are you in?
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I just received a quote (20 July 2010), from Lube Mobile to replace the front wheel bearing on a Toyota Camry 2000 (SV21) and it was AU $327.45
(Melbourne Australia)

Repco quoted ~ Au$105 for the bearing which in my view is rather expensive. No doubt it would cost even more from Toyota.

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