Why Does 2000 Toyota 4 Runner Vibrate And Shake At 20 Mph And 40 Mph?


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Larry Patterson answered
Depends on whether you are talking about engine vibration or suspension system or tire vibrations.  
The engine may be missing (not firing properly on all cylinders) due to many possible problems.  Motor mounts could be bad.  Electronics?
Could also be wheel balance, wheel alignment, bad or damaged suspension components.
If it vibrates if you rev up the engine in neutral, while stopped, it is definitely in the engine.
Don't ever forget to check for loose wheels (lug nuts).
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Try your drive shaft, could be out of balance or your you-joints could be going out..check by going under the yota and trying to move the drive shaft up and down and side to side if it moves more than just a little bit that could be it..kragen sells them for 10 bucks a piece then you have to go get the original you-joints pressed out of the shaft

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