Where To Find Serpentine Belt Routing Diagrams For Ford Expeditions?


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There are several ways you can find serpentine belt routing diagrams, although to answer fully I would need to know the year of your Expedition, as manufacturers alter their specifications slightly with each different model.
The best way to find all the routing diagrams, specifications and any information of how to repair your Ford Expedition is by looking for a user manual. These are likely to be found in most good hardware stores that specialise in automobiles, or any Ford dealership should have its own selection, just ask a member of staff to direct you. The manual will have an index, probably alphabetical, that will direct you to the correct page your diagram will be on.
Alternatively, you can find the diagram you need on websites dedicated to fixing cars and other things. One such website is and this page in particular - - includes the diagram for a 1998 Ford Expedition serpentine belt. If it is a different year you require, the best bet is to search within that website and one of the members should be able to assist. Another website that might be helpful is on which you can find specific auto questions that have been comprehensibly answered by its members.
A further Internet search reveals that the owner’s manual can itself be found online, on the Auto Dealer Tools website: This link is for the very latest Expedition, the 2011 model, and you will be able to locate the diagram you need within the PDF. This covers the latest model and an earlier model of Expedition; knowing which model you have will help you find the correct diagram or manual you require.
Owning the manual is highly recommended in order to save time in the future finding an answer to a specific problem you have.
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1989 f150 5.0l belt routing

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