I Want To Total My Car I Have. What Can I Do To Total It Without Getting Hurt?


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The way I did it?

I live close to a few lakes,  and well there are places were you can park to go fishing, I kinda
"forgot" to put the car into park, and it might have went into the water..
I also spent 5 years in state.

Its not worth it. A new car vs  your life, your family , and your friends,
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People wouldn't have to think this way if car dealerships weren't allowed to mark up cars way beyond their value in the first place.  When someone is upside down to a point where they have tried all avenues of getting rid of it,  there's really no other option if you don't want your credit severely damaged.  The bank will repossess it and sell it for dirt cheap and then come after you for the difference so  your screwed either way.
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Hit the roof of the car.
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Like it has been said, there seems to be no alternative to fraud when you've been screwed by a dealership and a credit union, are upside down, and can no longer afford it. If any of you have an alternative to fraud, I'm listening. Just so you know, getting another job isn't viable.

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Do you really think they can't trace this and get you for insurance fraud? Why did you ask this?
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Sounds like fun, I would put a cinder block on the gas pedal slam the door and watch it fly off a cliff or into a wall or something funny. You wouldn't get hurt and you can watch a car burst into flames. Yay
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Best way... Get a extra key made in a dif. State. Have a friend take your car in the middle of the night and drive it off into a rock pit or off a bridge into deep water where no one can see it or find it. Next morning when you wake up, call police and report car stolen.
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First of all... What would happen to your friend...? Second of all would there not be people driving on the bridge...? Third... Would people living nearby not hear a giant slash...? Fourth of all... That is the worst idea ever....
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Large drop of 20 - 40 feet would probably do it...high speed collision with large immobile object works well too.  Put brick on gas pedel and let it go....just BE CAREFUL and really really think out all of the details before you do ANYTHING!!!
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Don't be stupid!! Like every body else said you can hurt your self or some one else and the fact thats it ILLEGAL. Come on be smart !!
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure the insurance companies are pretty up on most of the methods that people total their cars for the insurance money. When I lived in a remote area, people used to drive their cars out  to a point that was over an hour away from a fire dept and set their cars on fire. By the time fired dept got there it was too late. And then they would investigate and determine the fire was set purposefully. And besides not getting insurance money, you also get to go to prison.
I don't think it's worth it to get a new car.
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I would not try this.  If the insurance finds out which they will investigate then you could get in trouble and they might not pay a thing.  I would worry about your safety.  Just because something doesn't look like it may hurt you the unknown could always happen.  It is just not worth risking, and god knows.  If I were to do something like that on purpose God would do something back I am sure and send me some bad luck.  I would just find a way to fix the problems or save money for a new car.  Good luck.  I know I didn't answer this question the way you wanted to hear that is just my advice.  No matter what you decide be careful, don't get hurt.
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I know you aren't going to care for my answer, but deliberately trying to total your car is Fraud, and punishable by law, there are also safety issues involved,
therefore I would advise against it, sell your current car as is, or do a trade in. It's just not worth the risk!
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Hey boy you are SO SEXY I want your number hit me up! please boy don't hurt yourself when you total that car cause you know your to sexy to die.

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