Serpentine Belt Diagram For A 2004 Ford Ranger 4.0 Liter Engine. Can You Help?


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Most cars should have a serpentine belt diagram already within the car. This diagram can often be located either on the inner fenders or the radiator support. Double check underneath the bonnet of your car to see if you can locate this diagram, particularly near to where the serpentine belt is located.

Another place that you may be able to find a serpentine belt diagram is within the car manual. Look for the repair section or, if it has an image index, search for the belt diagram directly. If you cannot find a copy of the serpentine belt diagram for a 2004 Ford Ranger then the best solution may be to draw a quick sketch yourself. A good place to draw this would be within the empty 'notes' section of your car's manual. This way you will have the diagram to refer back to, should you need it again in the future.


• Make a note of the direction that the belt winds around the car parts and if there was a certain way that you removed it for ease, this may be the best way to fit the new one.
• If your artistic skills aren't quite feeling up to scratch then taking a photo of the old belt in place will also be a useful reference point. It will not be enough to say that you will be able to remember the belt route.
• While some may have a photographic memory that they feel is sufficient, often when making the repair one pulley will be wound round the wrong way and it is difficult to figure out where you have gone wrong. For the quickest replacement possible make exact notes of what tools you used and the order in which you removed the old belt. This means that you can then reverse the instructions and apply the successfully to the installation of the new belt.

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