Where Is The Vapor-canister Filter Located On A 2005 Kia Sorento?


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The vapor (charcoal) canister should be located above the rear cross member which is usually in front of the fuel tank. Here are some instructions on how to find the vapor canister.

• To find this you will have to park your car on a level surface and set the parking brake firmly in place.
• You will then need to relieve the pressure of the fuel system by taking away the relay that is marked as "C/OPN" which is usually located in the fuse-relay panel inside the engine compartment.
• You will then need to turn on the engine and leave it running until it completely dies.
• Then disconnect the negative battery wire from the engine.
• Lift up the rear of your car with a jack and then support it with a jack stand so that you can work underneath.

The function of a vapor canister is to control the many harmful vapors, such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, that were released into the atmosphere in past car engine models.

Charcoal canisters are usually contained within the engine's compartment. They can hold about 1 of 2 pounds of charcoal. However the location of the canister can change depending on the model of the car as some designer prefer that it be closer to the fuel tank. This means that any vapors that are released from the fuel can easily be moved into the canister for absorption. Every vehicle also has a built in computer which works to control the vapors that are released from the canister and move them into a combustion chamber through a series of valves.

The charcoal itself in the canister will absorb vapors for the entire lifespan of the car. However it is the filters inside the canisters that need replacing. This should be done periodically so that the vapors can move easily from the canister and into the engine.

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