Dodge Caravan Serpentine Belt Routing Diagram , Can You Help?


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You will be able to find Dodge caravan serpentine belt routing diagrams on this site: in the section that deals with parts.

According to Dodge, you should check your serpentine belt (also known as a drive belt) every 15,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes the soonest. You will need a flashlight to check for any signs of wear such as crumbling on either side of the belt, though you may also have notice some noise coming from it.

To change the serpentine belt, find the belt tensioner; in most cases it will be near the back of the engine area.

With a wrench, loosen the upper locking nut; for a power steering belt you may need to loosen a pivot bolt. It will depend on your model and engine size whether you use a wrench on the tensioner bolt, or a ratchet tool.

Remove the serpentine belt from the idler pulley and the other components that hold it in place. This is the point where you will need to check the routing diagram for your serpentine belt to make sure you get it right for your model.

Adjust the belt tensioner again so that you can put the new serpentine belt on, and then re-tension it.

You will need to make sure that the belt is seated properly onto each pulley, and you will also need to run the engine so that you can test for appropriate tension on the belt.

This is only a general guide on how to change the serpentine belt on your Dodge caravan; different engine sizes will make a difference so you must check: A serpentine belt turns the air conditioning, compressor and the alternator in 2.4L models, but 3.0L engines have a separate belt for the air conditioning.
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Need a serpentine diagram for a 1992 dodge caravan
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I need a serpentine Diagram for a 1991 Plymouth voyager

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