Car Moves Forward And Reverse Slowly When I Step On The Gas, The Engine Revs Up, But The Car Is Slow To Move. Can You Help?


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If the problem that is occurring in your car is affecting your driving or could put you in danger whilst you are driving then you should avoid moving the vehicle completely as you could end up doing more internal damage.

If you are having continued problems with your car then you should get in touch with the manufacturer of your car as soon as possible. They will ask you a series of questions over the phone to try and troubleshoot the problem to see if there is anything you can do to resolve it yourself.

However, from the sound of your problem, this does not sound like something you will be able to solve on your own. The manufacturer may recommend that you bring the car into one of their repair centers so that they can take a further look at it. If you cannot drive the car, then tell them this and they may send out a truck to pick up your car and bring it into their center.

A lot of car manufacturers will not charge anything for this which is useful if it is not a series problem that requires a part replacing. However, if they do say that a part is damaged then depending on what that is, you could end up paying quite a sum of money.

Another option that you could try before contacting your car manufacturer is to take your car (if you can drive it there) to a qualified professional mechanic so that they can take a look at it.

Although this may end up being more expensive that taking it to a manufacturer, some people prefer speaking to mechanics. Also, if the problem you are having is quite serious and are not able to drive far, then the closest mechanic to your home may be your only choice.

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