What Is The Location Of Bank 1 Sensor 2?


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Bank one, sensor two is a specific sensor within a car. This sensor will be on a car with either six or eight cylinders. The sensor detects oxygen and will let you know that your engine is running well and at the capacity that it should be. This will warn you if there are issues with the sensor and when you need to get the engine looked at, to prevent any damage to the car. These are seen as a warning when they first go off, not a sign of severe damage to the engine.
These are located in different place on different makes and models of car but there is logic to where they are located. The bank is either the left or right hand row of cylinders, your manual should tell you which bank is numbered one and which is numbered two. In a V6 there will be 3 cylinders in each bank and in a V8 there will be 4.
The sensor number refers to whether the sensor is before or after the converter. This will depend on make and model and you should have a look at your manual for this information.
This should now point to where bank one, cylinder one is.
If you have a warning light on this, you will have a problem with your engine. Do not leave it. This will cause lower efficiency, lower acceleration force and higher emitions. Your car will work at a rate of 20% less and use 20% more gas.
Go and have this looked at and it should be an easy problem to fix. It could just be that the sensor is getting old and breaking it could mean that there is anti freeze contamination, high oil usage or silicone in the engine.
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I have a 1996 Cadillac and need to know where the oxygen sensor is located that is called Bank 1 Sensor 2?
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Bank one is the side where the front of the engine has the most forward cylinder.
On a V-8 or a V-6 engine one of the cylinders is more forward on one side than the very forward cylinder on the other side. You will know where the front of the engine is by finding where the accessory belts of the engine are locted. This is the front of the engine.
Sensor two would be the second oxygen sensor back. Sensor one would be the front one. The hardest part will be unplugging the plug that goes to the oxygen sensor, and plugging in the new plug. Unscrewing the bad sensor will be pretty easy (even on rusted out exhausts), because they are only torqued to like 15-18 pounds at the factory (unless some moron along the line put 100 pounds of torque on the old one). Good Luck!
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In a V type engine (V6 or V8) the banks are identified by where cylinder 1 is located. For example. If a V8 had cylinder number 1 on the driver side, then the driver side would be bank 1 and the passenger side bank 2. The sensor location is identified as upstream or downstream. If you were the exhaust coming from the engine, then upstream (sensor 1) would be before the catalytic converter and downstream (sensor 2) would be after after the catalytic converter.

On straight cylinder engines you only have one bank and the same rules still apply.
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I have a 2001 Toyota Tundra and need to know where is the Bank 1 02 sensor located at?
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You need to tell what year/make/model of car you are asking about so you can get a correct answer.
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2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, V6
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I own a 2002 chev. S-10 4.3 cyl 4 wheel drive pickup.. I have a service engine soon light on. I went to autozone and a code came up bank 2 sensor 1 where is that o2 sensor located?

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