What Is The Problem When Then Car Will Go In Gear But Won't Move?


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Well we need more information. Is it a standard or automatic transmission? Was the vehicle acting up before it had this problem? If it is an automatic, check the transmission fluid, may be low. If it is a standard shift, could be the clutch. Post again and let us know about how it was doing before, and if standard or automatic shift.
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If its an automatic it might need fluid or it just bad or a clutch it wont move then it needs replaced
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Automatic transmission front wheel drive goes into gear and the engine revs but it barely moves if at all
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Was on the beach got stuck had to tow now the car will go in gear but won't move its an automatic and there were no problems before
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I have the same problem it a automatic it will go in to gear but will not move and gearbox fluid is on the max does any have any ideas what up with it. Because it did 100 miles will no problem then just stop just like that

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