Where Is The Location Of A Water Pump In A 2000 Chrysler Voyager?


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Drain cooling system.   .
To gain access to water pump Refer to Engine for Timing Belt Removal.Haynes manual
Remove mounting bolts.
Separate pump from water inlet pipe Water Pump - 3.0L Engine and Water Pump Inspection and remove.
Replace the water pump if it has any of the following defects.

Damage or cracks on the pump body.
Coolant leaks, if the shaft seal is leaking, evident by traces of coolant leaks from vent hole A in Water Pump Inspection
Impeller rubs the inside of pump.
Loose or rough turning bearing.
Clean all gasket and O-ring surfaces on pump and water pipe inlet tube.
Install new O-ring on water inlet pipe Water Pipe O-Ring Wet the O-ring (with water) to ease assembly
CAUTION: Keep the O-ring free of oil or grease.

Install new gasket on water pump and install pump inlet opening over water pipe, press assembly to cause water pipe insertion into pump housing.
Install pump to block mounting bolts and tighten to 27 N·m (20 ft. Lbs.)
See Timing Belt in Engine, Group 9 and install timing belt. Reassemble engine

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