Where To Find Center Caps For Chrome/alloy Voodoo 403 Series 22 Inch Wheels?


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Alloy wheels, such as your Voodoo 403 Series are widely available in specialist tire stores and general car dealerships that stock wheels, they can even be ordered online. When purchasing your wheels, the vast majority of stores will offer a fitting service, during which the center caps would have been fitted to your wheels.

If, for whatever reason the caps need replacing, perhaps due to an accident or general wear and tear, your first port of call should probably be where you purchased the wheels from in the first place.  It would be worth phoning in advance of your visit if the store is far away, as the staff will be able to tell you if the item is in stock.

Online retailer The Wheel Connection sell the wheels you have in the correct size, so it may be worth giving them a call on (866) 619-8743 to see if they have them and if you can order a set for delivery. Tulip Wheels is another online retailer who stocks the wheels and accessories. Drop them an email on [email protected] to find out if they can help you out.

A final option is eBay. A quick search in the search bar will reveal whether or not a seller has the center caps you are after. It might be that they are available in another country, in which case you will need to pay a higher shipping cost than normal.

Checking any store or online retailer you buy from is a licensed distributor of Voodoo wheels and accessories is beneficial, as this will help you if there are any problems in the future, and you will also more than likely be given a warranty on your purchase.
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This cap can be found on ebay same cap for all sizes item # 190615721561
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I ordered them from discount tire.  Just went into the store, told them what I wanted, and they got them for me in a couple days.  They were cheaper than anything I found on the net too.

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