How Do I Install A Headlight Switch In A Mazda Mpv 2001?


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You may require a headlight kit which includes hardware and electronics like 2 high-intensity discharge(HID) bulbs, relays, connectors, crimps, drill bits, marker, wood, electrical tape, wires, mechanic tools(screwdrivers, sockets, wrenches etc), 25 mm hole saw, safety goggles and gloves.

First let the bulbs fit in. Make some space at the back of the driver's headlight assembly by removing the windshield washer reservoir. If you remove the mounting bolt, the reservoir will draw out. Twist off the cover of the bulb and disconnect the negative wire.

Undo the contact screw that completes the circuit between the bulb base and the headlight housing. Pull back the bulb which retains the wire and remove the old bulb.

Remove the contact screw from the housing. Run wires from the power connections that were removed from the halogen bulb, through the dust cover to the relay, so that when you put on the original headlight switch inside the car, the relay will start the signal and start the new bulbs.

Mark the centre of the cover with the help of a permanent marker and make out a hole with a 25mm hole saw. The new bulbs are equipped with the grommet and wiring attached. You have to simply push them into the new hole from the inside so that the grommet pops into the place. Put the new bulb into the housing and fasten the eyelet connector to the screw, which is attached to the original bulb's base. Connect the spade connector to the negative wire in the housing. When the HID bulb is installed and the housing connections are done with, screw the dust cover tightly.

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