How Do I Remove The Fuel Pump On A 2001 Mazda Tribute?


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The pump is located in the fuel tank.  Disconnect (-) batt terminal.  Release pressure in the fuel system and open fuel cap.  Tilt rear seat on drivers side forward.  You will see an access flap in the carpet.  Lift that.  You will see an access panel with four screws.  Remove that.  You will see the top of the fuel pump/ level sending unit.  There are two electrical connectors.  One for the fuel pump and one for the fuel level sending unit.  Disconnect both.  You will also see two fuel lines(supply & return).  Disconnect both (soak up any leaked fuel).  There is a plastic locking ring on top.  Unscrew that.  Lift out the entire unit but don't bend the level sensor arm (kinda like the water level arm in a toilet) on the way out.

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