How Do I Install A Thermostat On A 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan?


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Replacing the thermostat on a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan is a reasonably simple process that can be carried out without the help of a professional. Before you start you will need to ensure that you have engine coolant, a ratchet and socket set, a torque wrench and a slotted screwdriver. Make sure that the engine has cooled down before you begin the following steps.

• First, open the hood and disconnect the negative terminal cable from the battery. Find the drain cock and place a catch pan, or other container, underneath it. Open the drain cock and allow all of the coolant to drain out. Make sure to leave the vent cap on the container. Once all the coolant has drained out, remove the cap and let the rest, from the radiator, drain out as well. When all of the liquid is gone, replace the cap and close the drain cock.
• Find the upper radiator hose and trace it to the thermostat near the cylinder head. Take off the retaining clamp that holds the hose to the thermostat and slip the hose off. Now, remove the bolts that are holding the thermostat housing in place and lift the housing off. Remove the thermostat and the gasket.
• Install the new thermostat in the same position as the old one that you have just removed. Then, install the gasket over the mating surface and lower the thermostat housing into place. Use the torque wrench to tighten the bolts. You can now slip the radiator hose back into place and reattach the clamp.
• Finally, remove the vent cap from the coolant recovery pressure container, find the air bleed screw on the thermostat housing and pour engine coolant into the container. This should be done until a steady stream comes out of the air bleed. After you've finished, re-tighten the air bleed screw. Start the engine and monitor the coolant level to see if any more needs adding.

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