What Would Happen If Petrol Was Used In Diesel Engine?


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Vikas Khanna answered
Petrol, if used in diesel engines, ignites prematurely and pushes the piston down during the compression stroke, resulting in bent connecting rods (ruining the engine).
Diesel fuel is less volitile and burns much slower at a lower compression, thereby not being efficient in a petrol engine.
AMAR DESAI answered
The opening of the valves with respect to the strokes are quite different in both the engine and the ignition temp of the petrol is lower than the diesel. So once the piston picks up the momentom the compressive force is not enough to ignite the fuel. And also it is liable to the choking of the cylinder and the formation of the carbon particle also causes the engine to overheat and the engine firinig also get disturbed!!!!
So it reduces the engine efficiency!

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