Why Do People Steer Their Car Towards Something They Are Looking At?


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I worked for many years in road construction and the tendency of some drivers to for unknown reasons to drift toward the workers and construction vehicles, is a well known phenomena.
Workers have been struck in wide medians, 30 feet away from the travelled way.  Some of it is some unconscious reaction or maybe falling asleep at the wheel.  Some is deliberate.  I find as I get older, I can take my eye off the road for only about one second or less.
Check the channel that shows the police cars that are struck by passing vehicles.  And those police cars have plenty of flashing multi-colored strobe lights.  Cell phones and alcohol also play a role.
Changing a tire along an interstate is probably the most dangerous ac most civilians will ever perform.  Stranded drivers and passengers are often victims too.  Stay away from traffic, behind guard rail if possible.
Federal Highway Admin. Or National Traffic Safety sites may have some info or terms.
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Do a test.....drive down the road and find something that draws your attention to it.....are you sure you steer toward it and not AWAY from it?  Cause I've found that when I find something that draws my attention toward it I steer in the opposite direction, away from my focus.
I've found that you are purposefully trying NOT to steer in that direction because you're trying to maintain your lane even though your focus is NOT on your lane....what you are really doing is over steering in the opposite direction.  I hope this makes sense.  Interesting question.
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I was piling up leaves for the guys from the county to pick up and everytime I started to dump a pile I would see the people coming down the road starting to steer off the road towards me...maybe they never saw a person doing actual yard work before. : )..of course it was a big pile about 5 foot wide and three foot high and 70 feet long...

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