How Can I Tell If My Tie-rod End Is Bad?


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Very Simple

Jack up  the front end and support it,always... Or If you can simply squeeze underneath the front enough to see the steering connections or joints. Have someone wiggle the steering back an forth 10 to 2 o'clock should be enough to see play in the pitman arm,drag link, tie rod ends. If its a sealed boot around the inner tie rod end you can still check it, But just a little more difficult, Still takes anyone that can move the steering wheel back an forth.while you observe the steering knuckles move, No movement at the joint should be scene. No clunking, squeeking,ect Some slight noise might be heard up at the steering wheel down to the steering box But nothing to excessive, Common sense should tell you if it doesnt sound good an your not sure, Get another opinion,Ball joints ,jack up each front wheel and put a small bar under the tire and pry up while holding the top of the tire and pushing back an forth. Movement at the bolted upper or lower could indicate bad ball joints. You can also check the wheel bearings this way also. Any movement or noise heard indicates a problem. Most cars now don't have grease fittings .MOST vehicles have sealed wheel bearings and hubs and can be very expensive and must be replaced with new or even used with lower miles.But I use a special needle available at any parts store that fits grease guns just for this purpose, To put grease into collapsed or drying suspension parts. Some parts are cheap an easy to install if you are mechanically enclined, If the mechanic thinks your not, be ready for a shafting.

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My tie rod is not bad but the wheel still pops out a little when turned to the right and the strut moves a little what do I do
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I've been asking myself the same question. Some times  they can see the Problem if it's there to see.. And some times they can't. But you just know there's Something wrong with it. Because you can feel it. I know how you fell. Then you Different people telling you different things about what's wrong with can be very need to find you some one who does about tie-rods. I don't think Ever one's really is..   Good luck..
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Jack up the car an look an see if the the socket at the end of tie-rod is sloppy an loose there might be a rubber boot on there also you might see if it will take grease also

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