How To Remove Pass Time Anti Theft Device?


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Anti-theft devices should only be removed if they are in a car that belongs to you and it is a vehicle that you have made all the payments. Pass time anti theft devices are installed in cars to remind owners of payments that are due and to stop rented cars being stolen. Making a payment gives you a code that can be entered into the device and will let your car start for a certain amount of time, usually until the next payment is due. Tampering with a Pass time anti-theft device violates any contract you have signed to take on the car and can result in you being fined.

If the car does belong to you and you have decided you want to disable the anti theft device, it is possible to do. Sometimes car owners find that even after all payments have been made, the anti theft device still has an influence on their car starting. To fully get rid of the device from your car you will need to remove all traces of it and then repair the wiring where it was tapped into your starting system. There are websites that offer information about disabling anti theft devices for specific cars but if you are removing it for genuine reasons then a mechanic will have no problem helping you out. Getting a mechanic to do the job ensure that no wrong wires will be cut and the device will be removed cleanly and efficiently.

Many argue that Pass time anti-theft devices are not worth the hassle. While they encourage individuals with a bad credit history to make payments on time, others who have had no problems with missing payments end up stranded because they have only been given the wrong code that only runs their car for two days rather than seven.
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***I am not suggesting anyone who has these systems to do this. I have paid in full for the vehicle I did this to and just wanted to note what I found when I was removing it.***

I wrote this write up on a wiki answers post and wanted to put it here to. Enjoy.

Do you have a car that utilizes a system that requires a new code every time that you make a payment? Does your system make you take a few seconds before you can start the car so it can beep at you and tell you it can start now?

The pass time system uses five wires and a receiver or antenna wire that accepts the signal from the remote. A blue wire, a purple wire, a pink wire, a red wire, and a black wire. The black wire of course is the ground. The pink and red wires are set up with a vampire bite to the constant power and the ignition power. Red to constant, and pink to ignition which gets power from the "run" position when the key is so turned to it. I can't remember right now which one of the blue or purple that is connected off the vehicle harness or which one gets connected to the "start" function of turning the key, but it honestly doesn't matter because these two are the ones that conduct the "magic." In my car, a yellow wire that connects the "start" function to the starter was cut and one of those wires is connected from the main harness and the other to the starter connector at the steering column. The idea is that electrical current will attempt to travel to the starter but is routed to the pass time unit to check if the code is current, if it is the connection is made and the car starts, if not, then the circuit is not able to close and you will get no power to the starter. To bypass this, simply cut the two wires that re route that current and splice them back together leaving the pass time unit out of the routing completely. If your pass time unit is a GPS enabled one, I would suggest not tampering, but if you must, do not disconnect the unit altogether, just leave the red, black and pink wires connected so that the system can communicate that it is powered back to the company that is responsible for the surveillance of that communication.
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Idiot, you will not go to jail if you take it off and still make your payments.  I took one off 3 years ago because it was annoying as hell, threw it in the dumpster, paid my car off and nothing happened.
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Well you can always reset by takin the battery out and puttin it back in.. Then type 999 999 999
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My car is paid off and I own car and have title I recieved what was supposed to be the final code on my passtime device a month ago but it has now shut off I need help as to how to properly rewire the device because my husband and his friend have removed the device from under steering column but car still wont start the mom and pop dealer I bought the car from no longer exist no does the finance company and Passtime is no help
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Get a good friend who doesn't mind being charged with a Felony to do it. You are tampering with mortgaged property and who ever does it will go to jail , read your contract you signed or
better yet make your payments.

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