Do "Speed Bumps" Cause Damage To A Cars Steering, Suspension, Or Alignment ?


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Yes, particularly if the car hits them at high speeds.  Nearly all of them are safe at about 10 mph, though.

Normally local government and highway institutions (local authorities) limit their liability by putting up signs to warn motorists about speed bumps (or dips, which are common at California junctions and just as damaging).  So those official bodies would say -- yes,they can damage those parts of your car, but only if you're not paying attention and hit them at speed.  Solution is simple, S L O W down.  Also, look around for hazards; normally the bumps are there because of a local hazard, such as a high density of children playing on nearby sidewalks (pavement).

They can even damage your body, especially if hit them at speed and your car's shocks aren't very good.  They can cause spinal injuries or aggravate pre-existing back problems (Read more).

The most damaging bumps tend to not be on roads but in private parking lots (car parks).  These may be too steep or designed such that it's hard not to scrape your undercarriage on them, no matter how slow you go.

Also, emergency service vehicles -- ambulances, fire engines, police cars, can't help but hit speed bumps fast sometimes, so they get the worst damage, typically.
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Rudolf van Harrewijen
As in most country's i think here the emergency vehicles have a heavier suspension then the regular cars so when they hit these bumps they can withstand the impact way better then you or me could.
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I hit a speed restriction on a local road at around 20 mph on my motorbike. Unfortunately for me I limped away with a smashed up bike and a knee cap that was dislocated and shattered into 7 pieces. My local council seem to be building slaloms rather than speed bumps and a strong wind blew me into a concrete filled steel bollard.
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Everyone seems to have forgotten one thing. You all say slow down and they don't cause damage, but what if you drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari?

There are some kinds of cars that cannot go over certain types of bump. Lots of people lower their cars these days, and many of these cars would get stuck on a bump or would sustain damage at speeds as low as 5mph.

There are better ways of slowing people down. Speed bumps cause pollution and slow emergency vehicles.
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Depends on the size of the bump and how fast you are driving.
If you are going to drive too fast it can cause problems with steering etc.
Be careful, there could also sometimes be hidden danger on the other side. (nails/ pieces of metal from an unfortunate vehicle that didn't see the bump :)
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Speed bumps can cause damage to a vehicle at higher speeds. They are designed so that you slow down (thus the name speed bump). I have seen cars that have hit speed bumps at higher speeds and not only can it cause damage to the suspension but the undercarriage as well. Holes in the oil pan and bent frames can ahhpen as well.
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Rudolf van Harrewijen
When i lived in Holland in Europe i was a cabby and we had several streets with nice speedbumps and i am not talking about the asphalt types you run into the ground as those will sag over time but the concrete ones that are laid in a good foundation bed so it is sooner the road to sag then the bumps.
In one street we had seven in a row along the street even hitting those at about 43 miles an hour didn't do any damage to either part of my cab which was an older type Mercedes 220D it wouldn't even spill my coffee it al has to do with what do you do to navigate the bump if you just floor it and run across it it may launch you into kingdom come i ran the whole length of that street with about 40 to 45 miles an hour and just when my front tires hit it i hit the clutch which made my car just fly across it no problem that is one thing suspension is made for don't you think to adjust the road conditions and that is all speedbumps are roadconditions all i noticed was just a light jolt as my suspension caught the stress and a slight numb when my rear tires came across the bump at which instant i engaged my gears again so it even caught the bouncy effect of it so instead of bouncing around like crazy a slight push back in the seat.
How old were the cars that ended up with a bent frame must have been pretty old or badly maintained vehicles.
I would like to see those cars that actually hit the bump with the oil pan that causes it to puncture it as it is slightly below the frame rails anyway and besides that the suspension would pull them straight up instead of slamming them into the road.
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It all depends on how fast your going,if you go real fast then you can mess your stuff up real bad.But if you go about five or ten miles you should be fine.
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Yeah, of course, if you go over them at a high rate of speed, for instance if you're running from officials, sometimes causing sparks, and posing a danger to pedestrians.

As Nutcase indicated they are making slaloms rather than speed bumps, but, in reality, people as drivers, cause this to be happening to ourselves, by doing the speeding.

True, if everyone slowed down, there would be very little need for them, but people are free to do as they like (within reason), and some people think they have the "right" do go as fast as they want to.

Driving is a "privilege", not a "right", and it should be stressed to people more so than it is.
But back to the damage, if they're stupid enough to go over them that fast, and cause the damage to their own vehicles, it serves them right.

For the person who doesn't do this, and ends up with the damage that can be and is done, should be compensated, by municipalities, provided they can prove that they weren't going fast enough to damage their vehicle.
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Only if you are going too fast when you hit it.
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You have two options (seriously): Go 5-10 mph over it or go about 50 over it. Either way does no damage to your car, and the latter option is more fun. There are formulas to work out how fast you need to go for a specific speed bump to have the same effect as going slowly. My dad tested this when he was in an engineering class (field trip!) and it worked perfectly at about 45-50 for that speed bump.
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Only if you're going too fast. Slow down and enjoy the ride . . . You'll get there.
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Speed bumps are made to cause damage only to those who are speeding so as long as you are the one speeding then your good to go.
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well, If I were you, I'd just try to hit it just as fast as I possibly could! I mean, what are they there for anyway? I'll have a good speed up, and be going really fast through a neighborhood, kid's just be flying left and right, then there it is! Don't they know that if I were to hit that thing going this fast, that I might fly up and bump my head on the ceiling! The trick is, to hit it so dang fast, that all you feel is just a slight bump! Or, was that just another dang kid got his tail in the way?

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