Which Way Do You Turn Your Wheels When You Are Parking Uphill With A Curb?


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This is a fact, atleast in the United States!
1) If you are parking down hill you will always turn the wheel to the curb(Right).
2) Parking up hill without a curb you will turn the wheel to the right( if there was a curb it would be toward the curb.

3) Parking up hill, IF it has a curb you will turn the wheel towards traffic(To The Left)
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Put your blinker on and slowly pull to the side of the road.

UCLA: Uphill Curb Left Always
This means you turn your wheel to the left when overnight parking so that if your breaks failed your car would hit the curb instead of going into traffic.

DCRA: Dowhill Curb Right Always
This means you turn your wheel to the right when overnight parking so that if your breaks fail your car would hit the curb instead of going into traffic.

Also, make sure to put your parking break on.

Hope this helps,
Tim Free
Driving Insructor
Malbert Driving Academy
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Uphill you turn wheels to the left  down hill is to the right . That way the car can't role it to traffic
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You would turn the steering wheel to the outside (away from the curb) this way the wheel will be against the curb and in theory stopping your vehicle from rolling in the event the gears released or the parking brake failed.

This of course is assuming that you are parking facing uphill. In the event you are parked downhill then reverse this and turn your steering wheel into the curb.
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Some like to put the front wheel facing the curve and some like to put it facing the outside...if you put it facing the curve and the parking failed then the car will roll back towards the curve and the curve stop it from the back, if you face the outside and it failed the car will back to the curve and the front will get stopped by the curve from the front.
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Away from the curb
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You turn the front wheels so that if the car starts to drift downhill, it will immediately strike the curb and stop.
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Answer From Online Permit Test Practice: 13. When parking uphill on a two-way street with no curb, your front wheels should be:
Correct Answer: Turned to the right (toward the street).
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Pull all the way off the road then turn wheels to the right and put parking brake on
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Unless your in another country you would turn the wheels towards the passenger side into the curb....

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