When People Buy A New Car, Name Something They Do With The Old One?


6 Answers

Rose Henderson Profile
Rose Henderson answered

You can either trade or sell the car. I would prefer to sell the old car if I can get a good price for it. Also,  if they car doesn't work anymore for some reason you can take it to a junk yard and get some money for it. People are always looking to get used parts.

Ashita Singh Profile
Ashita Singh answered

Most of the people sell it, at good car store. Well is the best market place to sold cars in India.

Sandra Hart Profile
Sandra Hart answered
They trade it in, sell it, keep it, or give it to their son/daughter for when they start to drive. You save money that way.
Rowan Webb Profile
Rowan Webb answered

Name something.. Hmm.. People normally sell their old ones away I suppose? Or have traded it for a lower price on a new car. If the car is no longer road-worthy, it is normally scrapped.

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