On My 2003 Ford Focus I Installed A Water Pump Now The Timing Is Off And The Car Wont Start How Can I Adjust The Timing?


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Oh my god!

Stop. It is very possible that you have messed up the cam timing and you MAY have destroyed your engine!

Your engine is probably an interference engine. This means that if (when) the cam timing is messed up that the valves will hit the pistons and get bent!

You need to find the timing marks on the cam(s) and crank and make sure they are all lined up. If they are off by as much as a single tooth the engine would not run well, if it is off by much more the engine could be destroyed!!!!!
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First of all, the timing shouldn't have been touch when replacing a water pump. You had to have removed the timing cover to remove the timing chain or belt (which is not done when replacing a water pump unless you were clueless about what you were doing). This is going to cost you now. You have to remove everything you just did and re -align the crank shaft and cam shaft gears and put it all back together then take it to a shop to get it timed

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