Where Do You Put Antifreeze?


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Usually into the reservoir mounted away from the radiator.  However, if the reservoir is empty you may have to remove the radiator cap and top it off also.  Do not remove the cap when the radiator is hot.  There is danger of serious steam burns.
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Were do put antifreeze in toyota camry ,in the radiator after putting do you turn on the engine
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Antifreeze is actually a liquid, water based coolant used in gasoline and diesel engines. It has the capacity to raise the boiling point of water and lower the freezing point. It is used in engines to remove excess heat produced during combustion. Antifreeze is also known as colligative agent and engine coolant. Some of the common antifreeze agents are methanol, ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. They should be stored very carefully because most of them are poisonous and cause serious illness or can even be fatal.

Store them in containers which are compatible with the properties of antifreeze and keep them away from children and pets all times. Keep them in containers with a lid and mark them away clearly so that nobody would consume it by mistake. In case of accidental consumption immediately contact the doctor and start treatment.

The antifreeze is put in different places on vehicles. But it's most commonly to the left of the engine underneath the bonnet. Take care when adding more antifreeze to your car as if the vehicle has been used recently there will be pressure in the chamber. It's best to leave the vehicle for 10-15 minutes. If you need to add more while it's still warm make you open the cap with a large to avoid being burned by the steam. Open it very slowly to allow this to escape gradually. Make you use the correct type of antifreeze and do not over fill the chamber.
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Added to the radiator,,,,and can be placed in reservoir
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In hyundai accent 1995
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Under the hood look for a chrome cap with a caution label on it press down and turn pour a little at a time go slow it a trickle down process so it may take some time be careful it might be hot also there is a overflow tank on one of the innerwheel wells you can add coolant there also

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