I Have A 1995 Chevy Beretta And The Car Overheats Unless I Have The Heat On. I Replaced The Radiator And Thermostat; What Could Be The Problem?


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  Yes everything Hotrodman said one more thing. Make sure you don't have air in your cooling system. When the veh. is cold top off your cooling system and over flow. You might be a low on coolant, or a bad water pump and or a temp sensor. If you can get you hands on a hand held temp sensor, mesure the temp before and after your T. Stat, and at your upper and lower hoses on radiator... What are the Temps.... also what Temp T.Stat did you install.... GL
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Check 2 things. For the cooling fan, check fuses to make sure it will have power check relays so it will turn fans and make sure your fans are operating. Then check the water pump. Open the radiator cap to make sure the water is flowing around. That is how you check the car's water pump. So is your gage working? It may not be over heating, it may.

Also check coolant temp. sensor it can be faulty. Bring it to autozone or the nearest auto part store to run codes if you have one in your area.

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